Industrial Single Head


  • HCH-P is the same appearance as HCH with an extra durability and productivity
  • Capable at all levels from hobbies to commercial purposes
  • Equipped with the superior driving system produces speedy embroidering
  • Cross type laser position marker ensures precise alignments
  • All features HCH has are also available to HCH-P
  • Its easy-to-use control panel, compact body, high speed performance and suppressed noise surely provide high-quality embroidery


  • The 12-needle single head embroidery machine HCS2 is as compact as HCH series but comes with heavy-duty drive systems and additional needles
  • Has a user friendly touchscreen control panel
  • Compact body produces powerful performance with suppressed noise
  • With all standard and optional major attachments, HCS2 is a long established model, providing high-quality embroidery

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HCH-701P-30 (HCH-Plus), HCS2-1201-30


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