Heavy-Duty Industrial

HCU-1401-40/ HCH-X1401-40

  • HCU is the ultimate version of HappyJapan’s 15 needle embroidery machine with the highest operating speed of 1500rpm, the largest sewing field and many more features to enhance productivity
  • An Automatic Material Thickness Detection System is a new standard function of HCU. This function can suppress foot thumps more than ever because HCU automatically senses the thickness of the material fabric and can adjust accordingly
  • HCU’s digital controlling system also uses a pressure foot that enables height adjustment by the touch control panel. Its individual driving system for foot movements make it possible to keep the foot staying at the best ideal point of hold on the fabric which results in a better quality finishing


  • The 15 needle single head embroidery machine HCD3E is a long established heavy-duty single head with the large sewing area, durable drive system and speedy performances
  • HCD3E is able to deal with wide range of garments from delicate to thick and heavy
  • Having iron die-cast arms and the body as one unit makes it strong and stable, promising high quality sewing

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HCU-1501-40, HCD3E-1501-40


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